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Dr. Dale Hameister


"Like several other specific area pains, Dr. Hameister relieved the specific pain that I was experiencing and gave me information and a demonstration in what exercises I could do regularly to continue to address this specific painful area. This specific treatment, as well as the other work that Dr. Hameister has done over 25+ years, has impacted my overall health and body wellness extremely positively. Many thanks for much great work."


"I have known Dale Hameister as both a patient of his, and as a colleague for over 20 years and can't speak highly enough about both his professional skills and his warm, supportive "bedside manner". As a Psychologist that specializes in chronic pain, I've regularly referred patients to him over the years. And I have heard nothing but praise for his abilities from those patients. In 1999, I was in a bad motorcycle accident myself and received severe spinal injuries that left me in chronic pain and partially disabled. Dr. Hameister was the one who caught some of the most important injuries that both emergency room doctors and orthopedic surgeons missed. Since then, his treatment has been more helpful than any other I've received in relieving my pain and helping my recovery. He has also worked on several of my family members and gotten good results with their back problems as well. I would encourage anyone with skeletal problems and pain to take advantage of his outstanding skills." 

Phillip Sutton Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

"After experiencing painful back labor with my first delivery, I researched chiropractic care as a form of back labor prevention. My second delivery was practically pain-free. I am convinced that my chiropractic care from Dr. Hameister was the cause of such a huge difference. I would highly recommend treatment with Dr. Hameister during pregnancy." 

Marsha Kay Rainey, Broomfield, Colorado

"Dr. Hameister is gifted! As a chiropractor myself, my standards are high. Dr. Hameister is simply the best chiropractor I have ever known!" 

Dr. John Zisch, Chiropractor

"Dale Hameister not only has very skillful hands (and forearms!), he has a warmth and caring that shine through in every encounter." 

John S. O'Hearne, MD

"Dr. Dale Hameister is an accomplished chiropractor who provides expert care to his patients. Having been active in sports, landscaping, and patient care, I have taken many painful injuries to him and he has brought healing to each one of them. He is a very kind, caring man with incredible knowledge of aligning the body and keeping it running like new. At age 73, he has recently relieved the pain of a meniscus tear in my knee, allowing me to avoid surgery. I wish everyone could grow into their senior years with the freedom of movement that Dale has helped me to enjoy." 

Jeanne McGlathery M.A., Gerontologist

"As a working mom, I was blessed to discover tennis as a way to exercise and relieve stress. Within a year of taking up the sport, I was disappointed to find myself with tennis elbow in both of my arms. At first, I only had pain when I played, but soon my arms hurt all of the time. even routine activities, such as picking up a medical chart at work, sent a shot of pain to the outside of my elbow. I tried Motrin, stretching, and elbow braces without much relief. After having the condition for about nine months, I visited Dr. Hameister at Mountainview Chiropractic. He was very hopeful, and he explained the diagnosis and the treatment thoroughly. I have just completed my fifth weekly visit, and almost all of the pain is gone. Most surprisingly, I continue to improve despite playing tennis several times a week! I would highly recommend Dr. Hameister to anyone suffering from tennis elbow." 

Dorothy E Faris, M.D.

"Dr. Hameister is wonderful! I came to see him suffering with numbness in the fingers of my left hand for months. With treatment my fingers do not go numb anymore. I suggest visiting him to see if he can help you! It's a great way to stay healthy." 

Debbie C., Boulder, Colorado

"I have experienced rapid improvements since I began seeing Dr. Dale Hameister at the Mountainview Chiropractic Center. I used to compete in mogul skiing, which took a tremendous toll on my back and knees. The longer term effects left me with extremely poor posture and chronic back problems. Not only have I seen amazing results structurally, Dr. Hameister helps me with deep tissue work and continually helps me focus on other important aspects of diet and lifestyle that have taken my bicycle racing to a new level this year. His positive attitude is contagious!" 

Dave Klein, Boulder, Colorado


Dr. Eliu Hernandez


"I have experienced nightly migraines for the last couple of years from the nerve damage caused by radiation to my head and neck during treatment for cancer. I've worked with physical therapists, massage therapists and manual therapists to resolve the issue with little or no results. A night of migraines would leave me groggy and irritable and often seemed to make it hard to focus. I found it challenging to care for my infant/toddler son in a way that was fun and rewarding. Doctors had prescribed pain meds that were sometimes effective but also caused fatigue and slow thinking. After my first visit with Dr. Hernandez I had a migraine free sleep and a great energy filled day with my son. The migraines returned within a day or two and so I scheduled another visit. After the second visit I had a solid week of migraine free sleep and after a third visit I have remained migraine free for over 2 months now. I continue to see Dr. Hernandez to address the damage that the radiation caused and I'm hopeful that my other symptoms will resolve in due time. To say that my life has changed since the migraines went away would be true and an understatement. I'm often there when my son wakes up and have the energy and excitement to play with him and be an encouraging and joyful dad. I feel mentally sharper and able to face the day with a positive outlook. The gratitude and respect that I have for Dr. Hernandez cannot be adequately expressed in print.. Dr. Hernandez has taken pain away from me and put joy in it's place. How do you appropriately thank someone who does this? One way is to tell others and so that's what I'm doing. If you're living (barely) with pain and have tried to get rid of it unsuccessfully, don't give up. Give Dr. Hernandez a shot at getting rid of it. Wouldn't it be nice to get your life back? I got mine back. Thank you Eliu!"

Bob G


Dr. Don Schmidt


"For many years I have had chronic trouble with my neck and lower back popping out of place. I made very slow progress with the chiropractic care I had received. My doctor suggested I try SOT technique and that's how I found Dr. Schmidt. I found that just after the first adjustment, I felt incredibly better. As the sessions proceeded, I have made extremely fast progress. I've found my symptoms and pain steadily disappearing and stabilizing which has made me so happy and hopeful. I feel so confident now more than ever before about how the future will be for me, symptom-free. Dr. Schmidt is very thorough and attentive and involves me as a team member to my own healing. I am very grateful."

Paith MacQueen

"We have a 19-year-old son that was having some neck and shoulder pain problems. And like many young adults, once used to initiating / managing his own health care. We had heard great things about dr. Don Schmidt at Mountainview Chiropractic – so connected out son with him. Dr. Don’s work with our son was amazing on two counts: First, Don’s treatment brought immediate relief to something my son had been living with for years. Two, my son came back from the visit and talked about all of the exercises and self-treatment my son could do improve his condition on his own. I couldn’t believe when I saw my son doing neck and shoulder exercises on his own - he even started coaching ME on MY posture. I don’t know how in the world Dr. Don got a 19 year-old to listen to him and even follow through, but he did. With dr. Don, you get more than just chiropractic care, you get a holistic practitioner that aims to improve your quality of life."

Bob B.

"My Wife suggested I see Dr. Don Schmidt for my severe low back pain. She gets a lot of relief from Dr. Don's adjustments. She is his biggest cheerleader. After 2 sessions, I was able to participate in a golf tournament (and I Won!). After several more sessions, I'm pain free! I felt that the doctor and staff are all very friendly, caring and customer focused."

Bill P.

"I was referred to Dr. Don Schmidt for my upper back pain, knee pain and tail bone pain. I had tried; massage, PT, and acupuncture with limited success. Within a couple weeks I had dramatic improvement, with almost all pain gone. I feel now I work more productively and without pain. Dr. Schmidt has a warm, friendly professional demeanor, and he is a pleasure to se whenever I have my appointment."

Janine I.

"I see Dr. Schmidt for general health and alignment. I consider myself a connoisseur of quality therapies. Now I feel better equipped to live a life of balance, strength, and impact. Thank You Dr. Don for your mastery of technique combined with your kindness and healing experience on many levels. As the relaxation in my spine increases, so does my mental clarity. I can feel the habitual imbalances melt away after each adjustment."

David M.

"I trust Dr. Schmidt completely. Every procedure is carefully explained. I like that he is open to the other types of therapy I receive. The office staff are very caring and competent. Dr. Schmidt is very compassionate, and willing to discus the other aspects of my health care. I never feel rushed and he is on time 95% of the time. I had been suffering from Sciatic Nerve pain so great I could not walk well, and I was not sleeping. I had been diagnosed with 3 bulging Lumbar discs and arthritis. I have tried steroid shots, needling, exercise, and Physical Therapy. I was originally referred to Dr. Schmidt by a friend. My biggest regret was stopping my monthly maintenance adjustments 20 years ago when my previous Chiropractor passed away. Now I golf and walk any distance I want, exercise as I want, and sleep peacefully!"

Sara P.


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