Low Back Strain

Low Back Strain

Low back strains occur when the muscles that give stability to the low back become overstretched and small tears happen in the tissue. The body will heal the injured tissue by laying down scar tissue, which causes these muscles to become “stiff” and painful when they move. Injury to these muscles can cause the lumbar spine to become less stable, which can lead to more significant spinal injuries. Strained lower back muscles most commonly occur with improper bending and lifting and trauma.


Common symptoms of a low back strain are pain and stiffness in the low back and even the top of the buttocks, pain when bending or straining, or even spasms of the low back muscles.

The Chiropractors at Mountainview Chiropractic Center will assess the lumbosacral area as well as the surrounding structures to determine the appropriate treatment protocol for the patient.

The practitioners treat patients with arthritis by :

  • Chiropractic adjustments to restore normal joint motion
  • Myofascial release to release adhesions in damaged tissue and take stress off the joints of the low back
  • Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the core and provide stability to the lumbar spine
  • Postural advice to discuss the importance of limiting postural stressors
  • Education about proper bending and lifting form

We have a history of treating patients with low back strains very effectively!

We would love to help you reduce your low back pain!


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