Dr Don Schmidt

Don Schmidt
At just twenty-three years old, Dr. Don Schmidt had tremendous personal motivation to regain his own lost vitality after a severe injury. Following years of increasing pain and dysfunction, he suffered a ruptured lower lumbar disc. After being unable to walk for 42 days, he underwent spinal surgery. Sadly, pain began to return within a month of the surgery! Proper spinal alignment through Chiropractic care and corrective exercise were instrumental in achieving a complete recovery.

Dr. Schmidt did his undergraduate studies at William Patterson College in New Jersey, and received his Doctorate Degree from Life College of Chiropractic, Magna cum Laude. Dr. Schmidt is married to his lovely wife Tree. They have two dogs, Taz and Macy who provide hours of entertainment and endless walking opportunities. Dr. Schmidt and Tree enjoy; skiing, long distance bicycling, regular work outs, travel, swimming, and scuba diving. He has ridden the 120 mile 'Triple bypass' bike ride three times, and the 157 mile 'Courage Classic' (a benefit for Children's Hospital) eight times to date.

Other important educational highlights include:

Dr. Schmidt is a 'Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner'. Dr. Schmidt like most Americans was unaware that some Chiropractors are experts in the joints outside of the spine as well as the spine itself. During his Chiropractic training, he sprained an ankle (for the fourth time). He had his first extremity adjustments on the ankle at that time. The dramatically quick recovery from that injury (and no re-injury for 18 years) inspired him to pursue this advanced certification. Dr. Schmidt is one of very few doctors to hold this certification. This work has proven to be very helpful to athletes of all types, as well as those with old nagging arm and leg problems.

Professional History

Dr. Schmidt has been practicing in Boulder since 1995. He has been honored to work with several Olympians & National Champions, and great numbers of casual athletes and regular folks. Dr. Schmidt utilizes the Gonstead System of Chiropractic, Sacro Occipital Technique, Activator Methods, Extremity adjusting, and Myofascial Release. Dr. Schmidt places a strong emphasis on teaching his patients correct techniques of rehabilitative exercise for complete recovery from injuries.


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