Glute/Buttock Pain

Glute/Buttock Pain

Pain in the glute (buttock) area is commonly due to scar tissue located in three muscles: the glute medius, the piriformis, and the tensor fascia lata (TFL). These muscles aid in movement of the hip joint and with excessive movement of this joint, as in running or cycling, they can become overworked and injured. The body will then try to repair these injured tissues by laying down scar tissue, which leads to a build of adhesions within the muscle. These adhesions lead to the muscle being able to perform its job less effectively, as well as the potential of pain while perform these jobs.


Common symptoms of glute/buttock pain are pain the buttock with movement of the hip, pain by the point of the hip, pain radiating down the leg, pain traveling to the low back area, general stiffness in the hip and low back.

The Chiropractors at Mountainview Chiropractic Center will assess the glute area as well as the surrounding structures to determine the appropriate treatment protocol for the patient.

The practitioners treat hip bursitis by:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to restore normal joint motion
  • Myofascial release to release adhesions in damaged tissue
  • Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the glute muscles
  • Stretching exercises to provide mobility to the entire lower leg

We have a history of treating patients with buttock pain very effectively!

We would love to help you reduce your buttock pain!


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